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Welcome to Cod International

About Cod International

Cod International is an international humanitarian network that works to strength and to improve people’s economy. Anyone can contact Cod International to ask about a local economic cooperative or a moneylender.

About local economic cooperatives

Cod International has a list of many local economic cooperatives in many parts of the world. Members of economic cooperatives that Cod International do register cooperate by having a joint saving account where they pay a monthly contribution, each member according to his/her financial opportunities. All members can borrow money from this account. Interest rents shall not and must not be required on such loans. When a member decides to end membership, he/she will also take all money that he/she contributed in cooperative.

Members themselves have the direct responsibility of organizing process and rules for cooperative. Cod International only helps people with information about cooperatives.

Do you want to be a member in a local economic cooperative? Fill out the form below. Cod International want you to write in the form’s message field about who you are, where you live and why you want to be a member in a local economic cooperative.

About moneylenders

For people who want to borrow money, Cod International can help to find a local moneylender. You do not have to be a member in a local cooperative for you to ask Cod International for help of finding a moneylender. Cod International registers only moneylenders who do not require more than 8 % of interest on loans since most of people seeking for loans are people in financial difficulties.

Fill out the form below when contacting Cod International about a moneylender. Loan contract is a private matter between the borrower and the lender. Cod International only helps with establishing contact between lender and borrower. Do not forget to mention how much money you want to borrow in the form’s message field.

Frequently asked questions about Cod International

Is Cod International a formal organization that is registered somewhere?

Cod International is not a formal organization. Cod International is only a network of private individuals. Because of this, Cod International is not registered somewhere in the world. Local economic cooperatives, moneylenders and borrowers have direct responsibility of ensuring that their activities are in accordance with laws and regulations for their countries.

Does Cod International earn money for its work?

Cod International earns nothing on its work. Cod International works for free for a humanitarian goal. The goal is to strength and to improve the economy for all.

Who is working for Cod International?

Anonymous people work for Cod International. If a member dies or quits, the network appoints a new member according to the internal guidelines. Members of the network are anonymous for the reason of protecting the network’s work from economic powers who are not interested in anything else but to increase their own benefits at the expense of the majority’s economy. For the same reason, it is not possible to get in direct contact with Cod International members.

Contact Cod International

Use the form below if you have questions or want to know more about Cod International.

Contact form for cooperatives and lenders

Fill out the form below if you want to send your local economic cooperative to Cod International’s registration. Use the same form if you want to be registered as a lender. In the message field write only about who you are, what your economical activities are about and where your activities are to be found. Cod Internal will take initiative for further dialogue.